School Transport

Our school draws children from a wide area and this includes students who live inside and outside our designated catchment area.

Free Catchment School Transport

Staffordshire County Council will prove free school transport to our school for children who meet their criteria:

  • They live in Staffordshire
  • They are in Years 7-11
  • They live beyond walking distance from the school where they are registered – this means more than 3 miles.
  • They live in the catchment area, or are at the nearest suitable school with places available

Full guidance on Staffordshire County Council’s transport provision – including regulations, timetables, SEND and vacant seat options – can be accessed here.


Public Transport

Alternatively, there are public buses that drop off and pick up on the school site and transport children to locations outside of catchment

These bus routes are not free but can be accessed more cheaply through purchasing a long-term bus pass.

Midland Classic – Handsacre, Brereton & Rugeley

AM – Midland Classic – 829:

Springfields, Grindcobbe Grove          7.33am
Rugeley Bus Station                            7.40am
Brereton, Coalpit Lane                         7.46am
Handsacre, Village Hall                       7.54am
The Friary School                                8.05am


PM – Midland Classic – 829:

The Friary School                                3.25pm
Handsacre, Village Hall                       3.36pm
Brereton, Coalpit Lane                         3.44pm
Rugeley Bus Station                            3.50pm
Springfields, Tyler Way                       3.57pm

Single Ticket £3 (from driver)             Week Pass £22 (from driver and app)
4 Week Pass £75 (from app)               Annual Pass £650 (applying online)

Chase Rider- Handsacre, Brerton & Rugeley

AM – Chaserider – 826 – Stafford to Lichfield Service

Rugeley Bus Station                            7.42am
Brerton, opposite The Willows           7.51am
Handsacre, adj. to Pinfold Drive         7.59am
The Friary School                                8.14am

The 826 does do the return journey too – and there are pick up points off-site – but it does not pick up on the school site.


PM – Chaserider – 828 – Lichfield to Stafford Service

The Friary School                                3.32pm
Handsacre (opp to Pinfold Drive)       3.45pm
Brereton (nr St Michael’s Church)       3.53pm
Rugeley Bus Station                            4.00pm


This service also picks up at The Friary School as 4.32pm for any students attending clubs, homework club in the school library or booster classes.

There are further Midland Classic buses to Hill Ridware, Kings Bromley, Christ Church, Lichfield Bus Station And Trent Valley.



Our school is located 1.5 miles from Lichfield City train station and it is a half-hour walk away down a well-lit road.

Full details on the facilities and services at Lichfield City train station can be access here.

Parent Drop-Offs / Pick Ups

The school site only has only one entry and exit for vehicles and pedestrians and so we would ask that parents drop off and pick up their children from a short distance away from the site.

This is to reduce the risk to children as they arrive as / leave the school site and to allow access to the school buses which transport hundreds of children each day.

In an ideal world, the school would close the main school gates for a short window at the start and end of the school day but due to sharing the site with a community leisure centre we are currently not allowed to do this.



The school provides bike racks for students who wish to cycle to school although it is recommended that a lock is used.

All Year 7 children have an opportunity to take a Bikeability course which trains them to cycle safely on our city’s roads.



The school is set on a busy road in Eastern Avenue (A5192) but there are two traffic-light crossings close to the school entrance which means the school is safe to walk to if children follow the Green Cross Code.  Green Cross Code.

A safe route for walkers or cyclists can be plotted using the map provided here.

If you require further information about our transport to school, please contact Karen Dubberley, Office Manager, via