The FRIARY Ethic is a set of moral principles and priorities relating to our school.

The FRIARY Ethic sets out what are the most important characteristics and features of our school and it is embodied in the school name because the expectations apply to every individual in our community.

Our FRIARY Ethic was voted for by all tutor groups and is best summed up as:

F is for… Friendship

It is important at our school that… We are all committed to respecting and showing warmth to those around us.

Students should… celebrate successes together; commiserate in shortfalls together; challenge others when they are heading down the wrong path; instinctively start from the point of backing one another.

Staff and governors should… create a climate of co-operation and mutual respect; act as a moral guide and role model to every student and to one another; communicate in a caring manner – whether it be the tough love of discipline or the exuberance of success.

Parents should… contribute to a positive school climate by making school success a pillar of their child’s growth; work alongside school staff as a team by appreciating the shared objectives that bind us; speak to school staff in a positive and respectful manner.

R is for… Responsibility

It is important at our school that… We are all committed to take our daily responsibilities to the school, our family and ourselves seriously.

Students should… recognise the responsibility to learn and let others learn; understand they owe themselves, their families and those around them to make the most of each lesson; engage positively in the standards and expectations of the school; achieve all they can to be the best they can be.

Staff and governors should… abide by their responsibility to do everything they can to help students to succeed; create a tone that fosters success; provide stimulating and inspiring lessons which secure buy-in, commitment and high achievement.

Parents should… provide a home life that the supports their child’s success at school; take an active role in their child’s learning; support the school’s standards on a daily basis.

I is for… Independence

It is important at our school that… We are all committed to be true to ourselves and secure that we can go it alone and flourish.

Students should… grasp the chance to seize every opportunity; be ready to go it alone for their own good; get on with dealing with challenges; have the foresight to not fear asking for help.

Staff and governors should… deliver opportunities for every individual to shine in their own way; work in their teams but also celebrate their own uniqueness in their work; take real pride in their own classes’ successes and achievements.

Parents should… allow their child to at times struggle and persevere, whilst also understanding when it is time to step in and work with school staff; give their child the chance to establish their own identity in school.

A is for… Aspiration

It is important at our school that… We are all committed to aiming high and are ready not just to talk the talk, but to walk the walk, so that we take the necessary steps to turn dreams into reality.

Students should… identify their own dreams and ambitions and be well-informed in their goals; appreciate that those plans require hard work and dedication; understand that success is earned, it is not just a matter of showing up.

Staff and governors should… maintain high expectations that every student should be aiming high; provide the steps and road-map for every student to fulfil their dreams; show confidence in re-shaping ambitions and steering students to achievable goals.

Parents should… remain up-to-date with their child’s life goals; uncover the facts to inform and support their journey; be ambitious and never settle for the comfortable or familiar.

R is for… Resilience

It is important at our school that… We are all committed to be resilient and to stand up and be counted in every challenge.

Students should… avoid giving up when a barrier comes up; understand that failure and difficulty is a great life lesson and makes us stronger; appreciate and praise the determination in others and take it on as our own life lesson.

Staff and governors should… sensitively deal with students’ difficulties but maintain a ‘can do’ and ‘get on with it’ culture to breed toughness; recognise their own challenges and model the battling qualities they wish to see in their students; plough on whilst also engaging in dialogue and with support when the going inevitably gets tough.

Parents should… consciously develop their child’s resilience so that they will be able to survive the challenges of adulthood; recognise when they really need to step in and when they need to step out; supporting the school’s work in establishing this resolution.

Y is for… You

It is important at our school that… We are all committed to each other and making sure that every ‘YOU’, (that is every person), is ready and able to thrive and succeed.

Students should… recognise that YOU are special and worthy of success; understand that YOU have one shot at life; appreciate that YOU make the difference in your life; understand that everyone wants YOU to shine and that YOU should be there to help everyone else to shine too.

Staff and governors should… understand that YOU play a huge part in deciding the life chances of every child in your classes; recognise that YOU make the difference in school and that YOU are our most valuable resource; ensure that YOU take care of yourself and your own learning so that your value, professionalism and happiness are maintained.

Parents should… identify their own integral role in their child’s education; model the attitudes and behaviours which support learning; understand that their approach plays a large part in determining the future of their child.

Further Information

If you require any further information about The Friary Ethic or how it is used at our school, then please contact Mr Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, via