Support, Life & Study

We pride ourselves on knowing all of our students well, taking care of them whilst allowing them to grow, and challenging them whilst always securing a safety net for them to fall into if they over-stretch.

For the overwhelming majority, Sixth Form life bring welcome routine, excitement and fun along the way, and a whole heap of study that takes each student forward towards their goals.

The Sixth Form Team

The Sixth Form Team are based in the Sixth Form area and are always on hand to provide help, support and guidance:

Richard Barnett-Richards  – Assistant Headteacher

Sarah Cresswell – Head of Sixth Form

Adel Stubbs – Sixth Form Mentor & Admin Support

Faye Banks – Careers & Aspiration Mentor


Lessons & Independent Study

Each subject involves nine lessons per fortnight and they are usually staged in half-day blocks. This is in addition to the daily tutor time session of 25minutes.

There are additional slots for enrichment, with the remaining time being allocated for independent study. This is usually undertook in the Sixth Form Centre, which remains open until 4.30pm each day, though some students may be permitted to take a portion of this time for home study.


The 3 Cs

Our 3Cs refer to Currency, Character and Culture and these principles are at the heart of our Sixth Form provision.

We see to ensure that students work hard to gain the best possible qualifications so that they can use them as a currency to move forward and progress.

We seek to develop students’ character so they build confidence, surety, commitment and responsibility and we do this through a wide range of academic and enrichment opportunities.

Finally, we seek to create a culture where compassionate leadership, respect for others, and a mutual resilience foster a community whereby every student feels valued, supported and able to succeed.


Standards & Uniform

We very much view our Sixth Formers as the benchmark for all other students – you have succeeded in Year 11 and offer an aspirational route for younger students who look up to their most senior counterparts

Naturally, this is reflected in the expectations of Sixth Formers in terms of conduct and uniform. The uniform code can be viewed here.


Bursary Support

We support students in accessing the Sixth Form Bursary which is a means-tested fund that helps students by supporting them with books, equipment, transport, field trips, etc.

There are further details below:

The Sixth Form Journey

We very much view our Sixth Form as a two-year journey working towards a destination that will propel our students into their adult life. There are milestones along the way, but if our students get there, and give it their all along the way, then we are confident they will shine.

Indeed, this journey is writ large over the wall of the Sixth Form Centre and acts as a constant reminder that every day is a step forward. There is the foundation of a clear and collective structure and route that takes Sixth Form Bursary every individual student towards that personal destination.

For more information about Sixth Form life, please contact Richard Barnett-Richards, Assistant Headteacher, via