We are very proud of our Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) provision and student outcomes remain consistently above national averages for SEND students through targeted support, strong guidance, curriculum adaptations and expectations which are just as high as they are for any other student.

SEND Resources

The following resources may be useful for learners with Special Educational Needs.

Some of the apps may be from the US and may feature different accents / fonts though all have been recommended by Staffordshire County Council.

GCSE English Texts – Dyslexia Friendly Formats

The accessible library is available for those who are visually impaired or find difficulty in accessing
printed books through other conditions; Eg – dyslexic difficulties, etc.

Texts are available in various print styles/sizes, comic strips, play scripts etc. to aid accessibility.

Individuals must become a member to download texts.

There is more guidance available here.

IPad/Android Resources

There are a range of apps specially designed for SEND students and general guidance can be found at:

There are numerous specific apps for specific learning needs and students / parents would be well-advised to try all them of out before settling on those which best suit their learning style:


Apps for iPad (App Store)

Apps for Dyslexic Learners ·         Sound Literacy
·         What Is Dyslexia
·         Dyslexia Quest
·         Happy Math Multiplication Rhymes
·         Phonics with Phonograms
·         Dyseggxia
·         DD’s Dictionary: A Dyslexic Dictionary
Apps for Autistic Learners ·         Sight Words
·         Sequences for Autism
·         See Touch Learn
·         Verbal Me
·         Autism iHelp
·         Autism/DDT Shapes
·         Autism/DDT Letters
·         Speech with Milo
Apps for The Visually Impaired ·         ViA
·         Dragon Dictation
·         Light Detector
·         Color ID
·         Tap Tap See
·         Be My Eyes – Helping Blind See
·         Talking Calculator
·         Access Note
·         Visual Brailler

Apps for Learners with Writing Difficulties

·         The Writing Machine
·         iWrite Words
·         Letter SchoolAlpha Writer
·         ABC Pocket Phonics
·         Word Magic



Apps for Android (Google Play)

Android Apps for Learners with Autism


·         Let Me Talk
·         Speak Quietly
·         Autism
·         Talking Pictures
·         Birdhouse
·         Autism Solutions
·         Aiko and Ego Animation for Autism
·         myVoice Communicator
·         Social Skills for Autism
·         Sesame Street and Autism
·         Speech Assistant AAC
·         Autism Therapy with MITA

Android Apps for Learners with Dyslexia


·         Google Text to Speech
·         Vocab Builder
·         Easy Text to Speech
·         Voice Dream Reader
·         Go Read
·         Eye Games, Dyslexia
·         Dyslexia Redefined
·         Spell 4 You
·         Talk – Text to Voice
·         Learning Ally Audio
·         OCR Instantly Pro
·         Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Android Apps for Vision Impaired Learners


·         Tap Tap See
·         CamFind – Visual Search Engine
·         BeSpecular – Help The Blind
·         NewsSpeak
·         Eye-D – for Visually Impaired
·         Syntha Blind Visually Impaired
·         Big Notes Lite
·         Zeta Keyboard
·         Big Launcher
·         Ray App for Visually Impaired
·         ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader
·         Magnify
·         MessagEase Keyboard

Further Information

Our SEND Policy & SEND Offer can be found on our Polices webpage under the School Info tab.

For more information about SEND educational technology, please contact Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher & SENCO, via