Saturday Schools

We have a long tradition of going the extra mile with our students, and this includes extra, free sessions on a Saturday mornings, and during the school holidays, to ensure our students get that extra nudge to get them over their individual line.

The Saturday sessions run between 9.30-11.30am. We recommend students bring a snack – though we will provide a hot drink – and they do not have to wear school uniform.

Some Saturday Schools are specifically targeted so are invite only, whilst others are open to all Year 11 and/or Year 13 students. Naturally, students and parents/carers will be informed in advance by teachers.

The sessions are voluntary – though there might be one or two students who find they are compulsory if we think they are lagging behind.

The sessions are published in school and with parents throughout the year and usually tie into formal exams, mock exam and the final push towards Summer 2022.

Holiday Schools

We run a number of sessions through the different school holidays and these are circulated in advance of the break.

We would suggest that all Year 11 children speak to their families about avoiding holidays in Easter 2022 and May / June 2022 as these will be key revision points, whether there are sessions or not.

More details will follow as the holidays run through.

For more information about Saturday Schools, please contact Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, via