Saturday Schools

We have a long tradition of going the extra mile with our students, and this includes extra, free sessions on a Saturday mornings, and during the school holidays, to ensure our students get that extra nudge to get them over their individual line.

The Saturday sessions run between 9.30-11.30am. We recommend students bring a snack – though we will provide a hot drink – and they do not have to wear school uniform.

Traditionally, Saturday Schools are specifically targeted towards Year 11 and/or Year 13 students but in these COVID times we have re-designed the schedule to instead focus on Year 9 and Year 10.

The sessions are voluntary – though there might be one or two students who find they are compulsory if we think they are lagging behind.

The new Saturday School schedule for the Summer Term 2021 is as follows:


Date Year Group Subject Teaching Team SLT Lead
8 May 2021 Year 9 French Ms Grigg & the French Team Mr Baker
Year 10 History Mr Rivers-Boyce & the History Team
15 May 2021 Year 9 Maths Ms Kenney & the Maths Team Ms Hearn
Year 10 Science Mr Brown & the Science Team
22 May 2021 Year 10 Maths Ms Kenney & the Maths Team Mr Rose
12 June 2021 Year 10 English Mr Daniels & the English Team Ms Sullivan
19 June 2021 Year 10 Music Mr Hood & Ms Boden Mr Drury
26 June 2021 Year 10 French Ms Grigg & the French Team Ms Cain


This schedule will be added to through the school year and details will be well circulated.

For more information about Saturday Schools, please contact Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, via