Remote Learning

The COVID pandemic accelerated our planned development of remote learning strategies and so out of a crisis at least came progress.

For many parents, remote learning will forever be associated with COVID-related home learning, but it actually refers to when the student and the teacher, or information source, are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment. Information is relayed through technology, such as discussion boards, video conferencing, and online assessments.

Show My Homework

Our main approach for remote learning is via Show My Homework which we sue for our usual homework provision and which provides links, resources, feedback and more still.

All students have access to this package – all parents too – and further details can be found on the Homework tab about this one on the Learning tab of our school website.

Student Emails

All students have a school email address which gives them access to their teacher and to resources, guidance and invites to Teams and Streams sessions.

Students are permitted to contact their teachers during remote learning but this should only be related to the work set. If students wish to get more general guidance or support, then they are advised to go via

Microsoft Teams

All students have access to Microsoft Teams via Office 365 and will be invited via their Student Email address. This package allows the students and teachers to interact remotely and effectively provides online teaching.

We do not run whole 1hr lessons on our normal timetable in our remote learning programme but do provide seminar sessions which essentially ‘flip the learning’.

This means that during periods of remote learning the teacher will send the resources to the student – most likely through Show My Homework – and expect them to check out the lesson’s resources beforehand.

Subsequently, during the Teams seminar, the teacher will explain the tasks and give all  students the opportunity to ask any questions. After this, students should get on with the task and follow the arrangements laid out on Show My Homework.

Microsoft Stream

Similarly, we all teach remotely via Microsoft Streams which allows teachers to video themselves teaching a lesson and students can then watch it to inform them on their tasks.

The advantages of this are that the students are not tied to a set time, can pause it at any point, and can re-play sections which they need to check again.

The videos are stored in the Streams area and are accessed either via teacher email links or via Office 365.

Non-COVID Remote Learning

Looking forward, our remote learning provision is already embedded into school life via Show My Homework, and now Teams and Streams will continue to be used in the long-term.

We are already using them for revision boosters as part of catch-up and there are already a bank of videos for students to review as part of their independent revision.

For more information about homework and remote learning, please contact Carrie Cain, Deputy Headteacher, via