Our Parent, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) are an incredible part of school life and, whilst in most secondary schools the role of parents in school life is minimal, we are blessed with a lively, creative and committed group.

The Team

The PTFA Team is made up of the following parents / staff:

  • Chair of PTFA – Lindsay Hulme
  • Secretary – Liz Fernihough
  • Treasurer – Carol Ingham
  • Bar Manager – Ruth Housley / Katherine Gwilt (Deputy)
  • School Link – Lottie Hearn (Assistant Headteacher)

In addition, there are around another thirty active members and, as well as pulling together for the school, the group get along fantastically well, and there are social events through the year too.

  • Oktoberfest
  • Xmas Raffle
  • PTFA Quiz
  • ‘Encore’ Bars
  • Summer Raffle
  • Your School Lottery
  • Bags 2 School Days
  • Non-Uniform Days
  • ‘Battle of the Bands’ Bar
  • Comedy Night
  • Sports Day
  • ‘Whole-School Show’ Bars
  • Santa Run
  • George Hotel Event
  • ‘Lower School Show’ Bar
  • Summer Sizzler Bar

Elsewhere the PTFA run a weekly lottery via Your SchoolL0ottery which offers weekly school prizes, as well as a weekly national draw for £25,000. You can read more about it here.

Also, the PTFA have set up a Friary brand shop which sells a range of school-related items for gifts, etc. You can visit the shop here.

In recent years, these events have raise around £15,000 annually and the PTFA team are always looking out for new events and new ideas.


The Friary PTFA have funded a wide range of developments in recent years including:

  • New Sixth Form Centre
  • Theatre Improvements
  • Library Reading Books
  • New ICT Resources
  • Canteen Extension
  • Music Equipment

During 2021-2022 the PTFA is raising funds to refurbish and improve the school theatre and to build a garden for leisure, gardening clubs and potentially horticulture qualifications.

Getting Involved

The PTFA is always keen to get new members involved so if you wish to help out, or simply wish to know more about the PTFA’s work, please contact Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, via