Curriculum Overview

Our school’s curriculum underpins all that we do – each and every day – and embodies the high quality of education we offer to every student.

It is underpinned by the breadth and depth of the National Curriculum and is carefully planned to offer students a wide range of opportunities to enable them to learn, grow, develop and enjoy.

Our full Curriculum Policy can be viewed here.

Our curriculum approach is reflected in our school mission statement of: “High achievement through challenge and support for every learner.”

Of course, this “high achievement” applies to every student’s exam results, but it equally applies to success in forming high aspirations, competing on the sports field, arguing in debate, hitting the high note in our local cathedral, or respecting the individuality and passions of themselves and others.

We place a high value on every students’ learning and prioritise five key traits within our daily provision:

  • That all teaching is inclusive so that no student is left behind; with a particular focus on – Disadvantaged and SEND students.
  • That no lessons are wasted and are carefully planned to be consistently ambitious, engaging, imaginative and progressive in their range, depth and direction.
  • That learning is made up of both knowledge and skills which are systematically assessed in order to secure retention and facilitate future learning.
  • That all learning is focused on personal success – in all aspects of school life – and that outcomes are targeted, pursued and celebrated with rigour and fun.
  • That all students can communicate their successes, achievements and readiness for the next stage of their education, employment and life.

We provide a curriculum which covers the knowledge and skills necessary for students to succeed in school and in adult life and use the OFSTED criteria to reflect on our provision:

  • Intent – we carefully map out the knowledge and skills that students need to develop at different stages as they progress through school.
  • Implementation – we continually reflect on how students are taught and assessed so that we can tweak and hone practice so that it fits the need of each individual student.
  • Impact – we measure how successful our curriculum has been against the outcomes which students achieve at the end of their time with us.

To finalise, we are a school that believes that the curriculum is king – if children are doing courses they enjoy, can succeed at, and benefit from a balance of support and challenge along the way, then much of the rest will take care of itself.

Further Information

For more information about the curriculum, please contact Carrie Cain, Deputy Headteacher, via