Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum offer is underpinned by our school mission statement of ‘High achievement through challenge and support for every learner’. This means in terms of both academic and pastoral provision we strive to enable every student to develop the learning they need to progress onto their next stage and to play a safe and active role in modern British society.

We endeavour to provide a curriculum which covers the knowledge and skills necessary for students to succeed in school and in adult life and use the OFSTED criteria to reflect on our provision:

Intent – we carefully map out the knowledge and skills that students need to develop at different stages as they progress through school.

Implementation – we continually reflect on how students are taught and assessed so that we can tweak and hone practice so that it fits the need of each individual student.

Impact – we measure how successful our curriculum has been against the outcomes which students achieve at the end of their time with us.

Key Stage Three

We operate a three-year Key Stage Three (running through Years 7-9 for 11-14 year olds) and work to secure a broad experience of engaging content and skills through our full curriculum.

This includes both academic and practical subjects in the classroom, but also wider curricular activities; whether that be PHSE experiences, focus weeks, field trips, shows, teams, competitions, booster sessions, or guest speakers.

We ensure we embed secondary-level study skills through our Learning to Learn programme in Year 7, we focus on character development in Year through our FRIARY Character Award, and we hone in on clear pathway guidance in Year 9.

We talk at our Year 7 Open Evening about wanting children to go home at least once a week saying “You’ll never guess what we did today” and for today’s teenagers we take adding fun, laughter and excitement as a high priority.

Key Stage Four

We operate a two-year Key Stage Four (running through Years 10-11 for 14-16 year olds) and offer a wide range of academic and vocational subjects.

All students study English, Maths and Science, as well as core (and non-accredited) Sport and ICT, but beyond that there are sixteen examined subjects to choose from.

Naturally, we seek to maintain high levels of engagement from Key Stage Three, but the focus becomes increasingly towards course progression, work-related learning and preparation for adult life, via our PHSE and Raising Aspirations programmes.

Sixth Form

We operate a two-year Sixth Form (running through Years 12-13 for 16-18 year olds) and maintain clear pathways from the academic and vocational subjects offered in Key Stage Four. We also work in partnership with other local schools to broaden our range of subjects and availability.

Additionally, we offer an extensive Enrichment package which includes guided learning, a range of leadership and personal development course, independent study skills programmes, and a wide range of whole-school development opportunities.

To finalise, we are a school that believes that the curriculum is king – if children are doing courses they enjoy, can succeed at, and benefit from a balance of support and challenge along the way, then much of the rest will take care of itself.