Field Trips

The Friary School recognises the importance of bringing the ‘WOW’ factor into school curriculum and recognises that engagement and inspiration are integral to maintaining a high-level of learning. The opportunity to physically and actively engage in field visits is integral to informing and motivating learning.

Consequently, we work very hard to offer a wide range of field trips which are strategically placed to maintain interest, facilitate participation, and build on classroom learning.

The following school trips are regularly on the school calendar but may be adjusted or withdrawn. Alternatively, further excursions are built in where appropriate or deliverable:

  • Ski Trip Residential (1 week – 3-year cycle of Europe/Europe/Americas – Years 7-9)
  • Warwick Castle (History – Year 7)
  • Dovedale Walk (Geography – Year 8)
  • Normandy Residential (4 days – French – priority to GCSE linguists – Year 9)
  • Cotton Dell / Birmingham (Geography – Year 10)
  • Butlins’ Holiday Camp (History – Year 10)
  • Spires Care Home (Health & Social Care – Years 10-13)
  • National Portrait Gallery / V&A museum (Art – Years 10-11)
  • West End Theatre Trip (Drama – Years 10-11)
  • RSC in Stratford (English – depending on performances – Years 10-13)
  • National Arboretum / Artist in Residence (Art – Years 12-13)
  • Birmingham Library (English – Years 12-13)
  • National Crime Conference (Psychology & Sociology – Years 12-13)
  • Parliament & London Places of Worship (Religious Studies – Years 12-13)
  • Italian Coast Residential (4 days – bi-annual – Biology & Geography – Years 12-13)
  • Auschwitz / Berlin Residential (4 days – bi-annual – History & Sociology – Years 12-13)
  • Auschwitz (working with the Holocaust Memorial Trust – 1 day – Years 12-13)

Our principle is to be inclusive in these trips and to support access to each of the expeditions for all students, regardless of their ability and context. The school will offer partial discounts to Pupil Premium students where feasible and where the trip will have a greater ‘learning’ impact. (NB – This is not applicable in all cases and not a commitment to fund the full experience).

Elsewhere, the school will operate the most popular trips on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis via online payment. Also, all deposits are non-refundable.

Essentially, our curriculum is one that seeks to engage and inspire – our regular field trips are a key component of this.

Further Information:

For more information about our field trips, please contact Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, via