Elite Performers Scheme

Our school prides itself on a long tradition of excellence in Performing Arts and Sports which is represented by our old ‘Specialist Status’ in these areas. The funding for this ‘Specialist Status’ was withdrawn in 2010 but we have retained a commitment to developing these creative skills and in ensuring that every talent in both Performing Arts and Sports is given every opportunity to flourish.

Our Elite Performers Scheme is a dedicated curriculum package which dovetails with local, regional and national organisations and ensures that we provide the specific curriculum and pastoral interventions to ensure that elite performers have the support in school to maintain both their academic progression, but also have the freedom to hone the talents that give them the chance of shining on the national and international stage.

The Elite Performers Scheme offers inspiration to all of our students but is only applicable to those students who have already been judged by the school to be attaining an ‘elite’ standard in their chosen field.

The Elite Performers Scheme is unique in local schools in that it offers specific support with:

  • Authorisation to attend specific sessions and events related to the elite area
  • A personally adapted curriculum which works alongside specialist training / practise time
  • Regular contact between the school and partnered organisation so that both aspects work together and mutually support progression
  • Mentoring support to help students overcome challenges and balance out their focus on both school and their ‘elite’ area
  • Close liaison with parents to maintain and support the student’s / child’s progression

The Elite Performers Scheme responds and develops with the ‘elite’ talents that students bring into school but currently includes work with (amongst others):

  • International and Club Football
  • International and Club Swimming
  • International Equestrianism
  • International Martial Arts
  • International Obstacle Course Racing
  • National Youth Orchestra
  • Regional and National Stage Shows

Naturally, the Elite Performers Scheme works alongside our Raising Aspirations programme which provides students with extensive and sustained opportunities to interact within and develop their awareness of potential careers, academic and vocational routes.

The Elite Performers Scheme is non-statutory and operates solely at the school’s discretion – there is no set entitlement to any requests for support. All decisions are taken by senior staff and retain our obvious priority on providing high quality education.

However, it is self-evident that there is such a lot to gain from elite representation in terms of confidence, cultural capital and motivation and we view our role as a school is to foster and energise this process rather than act as a barrier to excellence.

If you require further information about our Elite Performers Scheme, then please contact Carrie Cain, Deputy Headteacher, via office@friary.greywoodmst.co.uk.