House Colours

The highest award a student can achieve at our school during Years 7-11 is their House Colours and these are awarded first on a Half-Award, and then with sustained effort on a Full-Award.

There are three points per school year when they Half and Full Colours can be awarded. This is at the end of each term during the House Celebration Assemblies.

Students can earn their Colours through a range of routes including House and School representation, excellent achievement, community work, and regional or national representation.

As students move into the Sixth Form, they can then seek their Sixth Form Colours as the ultimate Friary award.

The end of the academic year 2019-2020 saw the following students obtain their Full and Half-Colours:

House Full Colours Half-Colours
Darwin Shuyeb Khan Maia Curnow
Thomas Elmore
George Greenslade
Alex Hornsby
Meg Mathias
Garrick Josef Holmes
Megan Plover
Jamie Reynolds
Kerris Shepherd
Oliver Atkin
Dennis Ho
Megan Jones
Freya Lawrence
Bobby Mathieson
Johnson Grace McCue
Ethan Oxley
Poppy Spanner
Erin Staite
Elliot Turnock
Emily Elson
Rebecca Oatley
Blaise Parke
Niamh Spencer
Nate Wallace
Seward Dan Bond
Penny Mace
Lauren Riley
Matt Sykes
Dylan Wynne
Ben Askew
Holly Rolfe
Isobel Swinnerton
Sydney Tearle
Caitlyn Wright

For more information about the House and Sixth Form Colours, please contact Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, via