Calendar 2021-2022

The following school calendar is very much ‘at a glance’ and contains the main headlines. Undoubtedly, more events will crop up during the year and information will be passed out via letters, the school website, Twitter, etc.

Equally, in these COVID times, all events are provisional and may be subject to change depending on the local and national context at the time. We would rather pencil the event in with the hope that we can stage it, rather than resign ourselves to not.

If the event becomes a virtual one then we label it as such as we move forward. This will refer to either online or via non-face-to-face communication.



Wednesday 1 September INSET Day 1
Thursday 2 September INSET Day 2
Friday 3 September Students Return to School
Friday 10 September Y11 French Trip (4 days)
Thursday 16 September Y10 Partnership Evening
Tuesday 21 September Y6 / Y7 Open Evening
Friday 24 September Y11 Cannock Chase Trip (4 days)
Tuesday 28 September Prize-Giving Evening
Thursday 30 September Y7 Tutor Evening


Friday 1 October PTFA Oktoberfest
Tuesday 5 October Y7 Warwick Castle Trip 1
Wednesday 6 October Y7 Warwick Castle Trip 2
Thursday 7 October Y12 Partnership Evening
Monday 11 October Seward House Week Begins
Monday 11 October Y7 Gold Assessment Week Begins
Thursday 14 October Y13 Parents Evening (Virtual)
Monday 19 October Y7 Dedication Service at Lichfield Cathedral
Thursday 21 October Y9 Partnership Evening
Autumn Half-Term Break Saturday 23 October – Sunday 31 October


Monday 1 November Y11 Mock Exam Week 1 Begins
Thursday 4 November Y8 Partnership Evening
Monday 8 November Y11 Mock Exam Week 2 Begins
Thursday 9 November Sixth Form Open Evening
Monday 16 November Y13 Mock Exam Week Begins
Monday 16 November Johnson House Week Begins
Thursday 18 November Y9 Parents Evening (Virtual)
Monday 22 November Y9 Gold Assessment Week
Wednesday 24 November Y7 Partnership Evening
Friday 26 November INSET Day 3
Monday 29 November ‘Chicago’ – Whole-School Show Week Begins


Friday 3 December Non-Uniform Day 1
Thursday 9 December Christmas Carol Concert at Lichfield Cathedral
Xmas Break Saturday 18 December – Tuesday 4 January



Thursday 13 January Y11 Parents Evening (Virtual)
Monday 17 January Y8 Gold Assessment Week



Thursday 3 February Y10 Employability Workshop 1
Monday 7 February Darwin House Week Begins
Thursday 10 February Y10 Employability Workshop 2
Tuesday 15 February  Battle of the Bands
Thursday 17 February Y10 Parents Evening (Virtual)
Spring Half-Term Break Saturday 19 February – Sunday 27 February
Monday 28 February Y7 Platinum Assessment Week Begins
Monday 28 February Y11 Pre-Public Exam (PPE) Week 1 Begins



Monday 7 March Y11 Pre-Public Exam (PPE) Week 2 Begins
Monday 7 March Y7 Bikeability Week Begins
Thursday 10 March Y8 Parents Evening (Virtual)
Friday 11 March Schools Speaking Competition
Monday 14 March Garrick House Week Begins
Thursday 17 March Y9 Pathways Evening
Monday 21 March Y9 Platinum Assessment Week Begins
Wednesday 23 March Y12 Oxbridge Conference
Friday 25 March Non-Uniform Day 2
Monday 28 March Encore Week Begins


Thursday 7 April Y12 Parents Evening (Virtual)
Easter Break Saturday 9 April – Sunday 24 April


Monday 25 April Y12 Mock Exam Week Begins
Monday 25 April Y8 Platinum Assessment Week Begins


Monday 2 May Bank Holiday
Thursday 5 May Y7 Parents Evening (Virtual)
Thursday 26 May Y12 UCAS Workshop
Summer Half-Term Break Saturday 28 May – Sunday 5 June


Monday 6 June INSET Day 4
Thursday 9 June Y12 UCAS Evening
Monday 20 June Y10 Mock Exam Week Begins
Monday 20 June Key Stage Three (Years 7-9) School Show (TBC)
Monday 27 June Y11 Leavers’ Assembly
Tuesday 28 June Y6 Transition Day 1
Wednesday 29 June Y6 Transition Day 2
Thursday 30 June Y6 Transition Evening


Monday 4 July Borneo World Challenge Week 1 Begins
Thursday 5 July Y11 Prom
Wednesday 6 July Y13 Leavers’ Assembly
Wednesday 6 July Y13 Leavers’ Meal
Thursday 7 July Sports Day
Friday 8 July Non-Uniform Day 3
Monday 11 July Borneo World Challenge Week 1 Begins
Thursday 14 July Summer Sizzler
Monday 18 July Y12 Work Experience Week
Summer Break Begins Thursday 21 July