Curriculum Awards

The Friary School works hard to maintain a lively, engaging and systematic curriculum which is attractive to our students and staff, and meets all of the statutory requirements expected of today’s schools.

Consequently, as part of our self-evaluation prices and drive for improvement, we have attained, or are working towards, a series of Curriculum Awards which acts as benchmarks for high standards of provision.

Current – Online Safety Mark

We hold the Online Safety Mark which demonstrates the high priority and high standards we place on educating our students to act safely and responsibly online.

Current – Holocaust Beacon School Status

We hold Holocaust Beacon School Status which reflects our commitment for on-going quality of provision for and innovation in teaching and learning about the Holocaust.

Current – Eco-School Status

Our Student Council was keen to have an environmental impact in their school and community so have chosen to take on this Eco-School Status benchmark to ensure they deliver on their goal. They have already reached the Bronze and Silver Award and will pursue the Gold Award from Spring 2022.

Working Towards – SMSC Quality Mark

We are working towards the SMSC Quality Mark as we place a very high emphasis on our teaching of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural themes and are using this benchmark as a tool to gauge and improve our practice.

Working Towards – Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark

We are working towards the Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark as we achieve excellent SEND outcomes but recognise that our provision can always improve and this benchmark allows us to be clear on what we need to do to improve.

Working Towards – Artsmark Status

We are working towards our Artsmark status as we formerly held the award and have a long-standing excellence in this area stretching back to our former Specialist Status in Sports & Performing Arts. We believe our staff’s and our students’ outstanding practice and commitment to the Arts deserves this formal accreditation.

For more information about how the school’s curriculum is developing, please contact Carrie Cain, Deputy Headteacher, via