It is impossible for a child to get the most out of the education we offer if they do not attend school.

Chasing Attendance

There is a clear link to be drawn between achievement and attendance so if a child does not come to school regularly then it is almost inevitable that it will reduce the grades they take into the workplace. Equally, school provides many of the key life and work skills which are vital in later life – they develop through experience and interaction, not by chance and isolation.

This is why we as a school are duty-bound to chase up absence and to champion the value of education. This is why the Department for Education and OFSTED challenge schools on their attendance rates. It is no coincidence that our exam results are well above national averages and – surprise, surprise – our attendance levels are well above national averages too.

Naturally, if a child is ill, then they are ill, but it is important to stop and reflect how absence can tot up and how it will look in later life if absence becomes routine.

Attendance Levels

90% sounds high in terms of attendance – but in reality it is not.

The 90% means that a child has ½ a day off per week – it would not be difficult to imagine how a boss would react if one of their employees took this time off each week.

Reporting Absences

If your child is too unwell to attend school then we could ask you to call the Pupil Absence Line on 01543 267 467 each morning that your child is absent. You can also inform us via email on:

It is important you give clear details of your child’s name, tutor group and reason for their absence. Medical evidence may be requested for 3 days or more consecutive absence.

Requesting Leave of Absence

Parents / carers should complete a Leave of Absence Request Form and submit this to the Headteacher at least two weeks prior to the intended leave of absence. School will respond to the request within one week. 

Only in exceptional circumstances will leave be granted and it cannot be formally granted for any term-time holidays.

Addressing Absence

As a school we have a clear process of dealing with absence involving phone calls, letters and meetings. If the absence perpetuates then it begins to involve Staffordshire County Council and could result in statutory action being taken out against families.

It is important that parents / carers recognise that this process is not a criticism, or an attack, but a commitment to maintain the priority of education. Our approach is to listen, our preference is to work together in partnership, but our ideal is having every child in school.

Attendance Advice

If you need any advice relating to attendance, or a specific issue, then you key points of contact are:

Ria Campion – Attendance Officer –
Ian Rose – Deputy Headteacher –

Attendance Documents

The following documents may help you to understand and work with our school on attendance:

Attendance Policy
Attendance Leaflet
Leave of Absence Request Form

Further Information

If you have any queries about attendance, then please contact Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, via