We are delighted to report that we have been awarded a ‘Gold Award’ as part of the National SMSC Quality Mark co-ordinated by the Young Citizens educational body.

SMSC refers to the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of children and we sought this assessment a sit is an integral part of what we offer as a school. We are very much a school that pursues exam success, but we seek to provide more than that and want our students to develop a broad skill set for the wider world through  a wide range of experiences and opportunities.

The SMSC Quality Mark seeks to evaluate this provision against national benchmarks and to offer accreditation and developmental support to evaluate and further develop each school’s curriculum. You can learn more about the scheme here.

Indeed, this term alone has seen a huge amount of such events  whether it be the Sizzler or the Edale Trip, the Rewards Days or fund-raising projects, or the student leadership appointments or work with community groups like The Spires Care Home and Lichfield St Chad Rotary. Both students and parents will know this was not an exceptional period – it is always like this.

Russell Stanley, our SMSC Assessor, commented: “You and your team should be rightly proud that you have achieved such a high accolade for the work that you are undertaking around SMSC. It is clear that you are deeply committed to enriching your student’s broader development, as well as serving their academic needs. This came across loud and clear with all stakeholders that I spoke to. Congratulations to you and your team!”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added; “This is a prestigious and rigorous assessment but both myself and our governors wanted to be assured that what we are doing with our curriculum is exemplary in nature. We are delighted with the work that our colleague, Susan Gisbourne has put into gaining this award, and for all of the staff, student and parents who but into what we do. It is their passion, engagement and enthusiasm that has gained this Gold Award.”