The following message went out to parents on Thursday 14 September:

All has gone well with the sensible concessions on uniform last week – with the removal of blazers – but with temperatures due to increase early next week into the mid-30s we would be foolish to not make another adjustment.

Consequently, we are offering all students the opportunity to attend school from Monday 18 July to Wednesday 20 July in their PE kit. The temperature is due to drop on the Wednesday but it would be silly to bring full uniform back in on that last half-day.

We would ask parents to ensure that the items worn are school regulation. Uniform is about standards and expectations and this is important. Rest assured, our Headteacher may well choose to wear his micro-shorts in the garden when he gets home from work but this does not mean they are suitable for school.

Other sun advice has been offered previously and can be viewed here:

This is also being encouraged in school each day.

We hope you are enjoying the hot weather, keeping sun-safe, and that at least some of this sunshine rolls through the summer holidays ahead.