The following message was sent to Year 11 parents on 23 June 2022:

We just wanted to drop you an email as we finish our last formal GCSE exam day to flag up some news and to thank you for your support. The work you have put in on drop-downs, Saturdays, carrots and sticks at home, and more besides, has been incredible. Your children have had a tough time with COVID and their exam courses but so many of you have been exceptional in stepping up and helping them and us – sincerely, thank you.

Leavers’ Assembly:

Regrettably, we have had to tweak the time of the Leavers Assembly – it will still be tomorrow (Friday 24 June) but it will have to run from 9.30am-11.00am. This will include the event itself, a chance to get hold of hoodies, and a chance for last minute photos, goodbyes and all that. We have already told of all of the students this today.

The change in time has come about because we are struggling with a few COVID cases at present and this is impinging on our staffing levels. In turn, we are struggling to staff other exams in school – what with all those students who get exam concessions, lessons needing covering, and so on. I know this will be an inconvenience for some of you – I can only say we have no option and I am sorry. There was no way we were going to cancel it so this is the best worst option.

Locker Keys:

We would ask that your child returns their locker key – this could be at the Leavers Assembly, any time at reception, or even as a last resort at the School Prom. School funding is such that we struggle putting heating on and keeping the show rolling so we would appreciate not having to fund a load of new keys. The lights go off to save pennies, and the pennies from the keys count just as much.

School Prom:

We have managed to get everyone who wants to come into the Prom a ticket. Students can start arriving from 6.00pm and it officially starts at 7.00pm.

One of the key bits as a parent is to watch your child arrive – there is a bit of a grand entrance, and usually a guard of honour of staff, and plenty of parents shed a tear or two when they see their child go through this walk. Of course, any self-respecting teenager will ban their parents from being there, but my advice would be to take no notice, keep a little out of sight, and take the photos. Similarly, their friends will be there, and when your child sees all the other parents snapping away, they normally relent to let you take a photo of them and their friends too.

Please do make sure that you turn up on time for the pick-up. We always get one parent who leaves us hanging for about an hour – then pulls up and pulls away without a word. Certainly, we normally give them a word or two as they roar away, but after we’ve voluntarily supervised them at the event till approaching midnight, we’d appreciate two minutes at home before the Wednesday at work. We haven’t got a sweep on it this year, maybe we’ll sort one out last minute. 😊

Sixth Form:

For those parents whose children are coming to our Sixth Form, we will be sending our advance information shortly. This will give you all the details you need and if there are any further queries just drop us a line at  

Results Day:

This goes ahead as planned and be assured that whatever the outcomes our staff will be in and about to help anyone with their next destination. We’ll be checking the office email address when we are in through the summer holiday so if problems emerge let us know.

And Finally:

Again, thank you. Your experience of our school – in non-COVID and COVID times – will have been mixed but I hope overall you feel we have done our best for your child – we have certainly tried to.

Have a great summer and everything crossed for Results Day.