As the time comes for our Year 11’s to sadly depart we have organised the opportunity for them to commemorate their time as a Friary student by purchasing an official Leaver’s Hoodie.

We have liaised with a company called Leavers Hoodies ( who have set up a personalised Friary School shop that can be accessed at the following link:

The company offers various hoodie / sweatshirt options all priced at around £20. All feature an embroidered school badge on the front and a “22 Leavers” graphic on the reverse. This incorporates the name of every student in the year group.

When ordering you can choose from a range of colour options and you may personalise your hoodie at the online shop by adding an optional nickname. After placing an order, each person will still have access to their order so that they can make any changes themselves, up until the store closes.

LeaversHoodies have set a deadline and for the shop to close at 11:00pm on Friday 13 May 2022. Please be aware that you will not be able to purchase a leavers hoodie after this time. This deadline should ensure that students are presented with their hoodie at their forthcoming Leavers Assembly.

All orders and payments are made via the LeaversHoodies online shop, no money is processed by the school. To keep costs down though all items will be delivered in bulk to the school.

Stacey Walsh, Assistant Headteacher, said: The end of Year 11 is a significant moment in the life of every young person. The upcoming Prom and leavers assembly will provide students with some real experiences to conclude their time at school. The leavers hoodies are also always really popular and allow, for anybody who wants to purchase one, a memento of their time here.”