The following message was sent out to parents on Monday 29 November:


No doubt you’ll have seen the news that COVID is back and unfortunately it looks like there will have to be some resultant changes here too.

Consequently, this message will cover the following topics:

* COVID Measures in School
* School Events & COVID
* Flu Vaccinations
* Snow Closures
* Non-Uniform Day

COVID Measures in School:

The government have announced the return of face masks to secondary schools in light of the new Omicron variant and the run-up to the festive period.

You can read all about it here:

We are aware that many families will no longer have face masks since they have been dropped for some time. Consequently, we would ask that you work to get your child a face mask or two by the end of the week so that there is full compliance by  Monday 6 December. If your child has it sooner, then please ask them to wear it from the off.

As throughout the pandemic, if you judge your child is exempt then please put a note in their planner and we will figure out the rest.

The face masks will not be worn classrooms, but will be required in communal areas, such as corridors, queueing in the canteen, and in assemblies.

Face masks are compulsory in shops and on public transport from tomorrow morning – Tuesday 30 November.

The government has said their schools’ advice will remain in the place for 3 weeks in the first instance. This means that it will run till the end of term.

Finally, there are suggestions that mass testing will be asked of schools on the return from the Xmas Break. History tells us that this will be a last-minute announcement – probably just as we’re biting into our first sprout – so we’ll update you as soon as the picture becomes clear.

We will take consent from the last testing programme in early September but please notify us if you wish to withdraw your consent via

You can read more about the wider COVID measures here:


School Events & COVID:

We have two big events on the horizon and these will be impacted upon by the new COVID measures.

We are planning to run with ‘Chicago’ – tickets still available on – but we would advise people to wear face masks in the audience.

Similarly, we are intending to run with our Christmas Carol Concert at Lichfield Cathedral on Thursday 9 December. The staff at the cathedral asked that all visitors wear face-masks at our Year 7 Dedication Service earlier in the term, so we can anticipate they will expect the same at this event too.

Flu Vaccinations:

Flu vaccinations take place tomorrow – Tuesday 30 November – so please remind your child if you have consented for them to have the treatment.

There will be 9 NHS staff in and over 600 children to be vaccinated. We are hopeful they will all get done but recent experiences suggest there may be a shortfall.

We will let you know where things get to as soon as we know.

Snow Closures:

Thankfully, we did not have to close today due to the snow but it did remind me that I should flag up to everyone what our snow closure procedures are.

Our general approach is to avoid a snow closure if we possibly can – we would much rather have the children in school.

This means – unless it is Snowmageddon – we will check the site first thing in the morning to ensure we can clear the paths and make the site safe.

If the worst happens, we will announce a closure no later than 7.15-7.30am. We need to give it every chance we can, but we also understand you need to know sooner rather than later.

We will notify you via EduLink, by text message to those parents who do not help us out by signing up to EduLink, and via our website, Twitter and Facebook.

In the very rare event that we have to close mid-way through the day, we will notify you via all the fore-mentioned platforms and keep hold of any children who cannot get home or who have to wait for buses. Things may change on the day, but if you could tell your children now what they normally will need to do then it will make things a whole lot easier

After the COVID lockdowns, the expectation may be that schools deliver online lessons that day, but this will not be feasible. The teachers will have planned their lessons before the closure and lessons suitable for face-to-face are often not appropriate for ‘live’ online sessions; for example, a practical activity, a debate, group-work, etc.

Consequently, we will look to set work via Show My Homework – and though there may be some ‘live’ components – it will not always be the case.

Non Uniform Day:

We are staging a non-uniform day on Friday 3 December and would ask that all parents donate £1 via ParentPay to House charities / PTFA for that day.

The House charities are all local ones that we may benefit from one day’; Ie – Midland Air Ambulance, Lichfield Foodbank, St Giles Hospice and Acorns Hospice.

And Finally:

We do know with COVID that government rules can change on a day-by-day basis so there is a good chance there will be more to tell you sooner rather than later.

We will keep the emails coming as I would rather you all had as full a picture as possible.

Keep safe.