The Friary skiing team – which was only formed in September – claimed victory in the NSSA National Schools Outdoor Open Championships this weekend in an outstanding performance.

The scoring system sees each skier score points on their individual performance across 3 runs with the best run counting. First fastest, scores 10 points, 2nd fastest 9 points, and so on, with the best 3 scores counting towards the team event.

Top of the class was Reece Pike (Y9) came 1st in Under-14s and gained 10 points. Fin Pike (Y7) (who was also racing in the under 14’s, racing against boys 2 years older) did amazingly, getting 6 points, alongside Campbell Rowe (Y10) who is improving with every race, and Noah Bailey (Y11) in the Under-16s’ also gained 6 points.

Their collective score earned the most points to take the overall team event outstripping a string of illustrious school rivals who have a longer history in the event.

Russ Pike, parent and ski team manager, said: “We certainly have put The Friary School on the map competing against top private schools from across the country. Next up the boys take part in the Great Britain Championships – a specific team event – in Llandudno on 28 November.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We can only congratulate the whole team on what is a truly incredible achievement. We are very much a school which seeks to give our students opportunities across the curriculum that stand out from the norm. This means we support children in less traditional sporting and wider opportunities throughout the year; whether it be motocross or karate, sailing or golf, modelling or stage performances. With the skiing, the support of parent Russ Pike, and Jamie Sleigh on our staff, has been fantastic and they deserve all the credit for taking an idea to this wonderful outcome.”

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