In school this week, we have focused upon raising awareness of politics and our right to vote as part of National Parliament Week. In tutor time, students have been exploring the different roles of a local and district council, comparing the different responsibilities of both of them. Looking closely at the Lichfield area, students have been learning about the role of the council linked to initiatives such as the building of a new leisure centre, the problems with the Friarsgate development and the development of new housing as Lichfield continues grow. In addition, all house assemblies this week have focused on the way in which parliament’s laws influence almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it be how hospitals run, roads and businesses operate or even how countries work together – students have had the chance to see how laws aim to create equality and promote freedom of choice for everyone. 

Head of Sixth Form, Sarah Phillips, said, ‘This week has highlighted to students the fact that much like parliament, our school council also works to provide students with the time and opportunity to raise their ideas and contribute positively to the school community. It’s also reminded students that they are the future generation who will be voting to shape the world in which they live! By raising awareness of this, we want to further empower our students to take an active role in helping to create a school whereby they work alongside their teachers to make the school experience a rewarding one for all.”