The School Council’s focus of improving the school environment has already contributed to much of the wonderful site improvements over the last 5 months. Indeed, with the Library and reception area to come there is a real buzz about the place after every holiday.

Even so, the students have also kept an eye on the outdoor environment too and having acquired a large number of free trees from The Woodlands Trust which they have now set about planting.

The cold weather and damp earth worked well for hard labour though wellies, warm coats and gloves were needed as the saplings were planted around the school field.

Each sapling has been flagged by ribbons in the school colours and the longevity of their growth represents the importance of respecting our environment now and in the future.

Future works from the School Council includes ‘Gum Day’, new benches from the PTA, the re-painting of old seating and major fund-raising via the Summer Sizzler.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The students grow and flourish at our school but the plan is for these trees to outlast us all. Our environment depends on all of us respecting it and putting in the work to protect it so whether it is a mighty oak at the top of the field or a freshly painted classroom care and respect is needed.”