img_4621Our students are central to our school improving so their voice is a very important one in the school.

This term has seen Y9-Y11 aspiration questionnaires to make sure that we meet the careers and aspiration needs of every student, as well as student decisions on events, fund-raising and assemblies.

Most recently, the Year 7 Council met to discuss school affairs and they have identified a key focus as being extending the rewards available to students through the year. They have ideas relating to a wider range of stationary items, food passes for the canteen and extra sporting activities.

Carrie Cain Assistant Headteacher said: “The more people involved in helping our school to become outstanding the better so having the combined brainpower of the students to come up with new ideas is too good a chance to miss. The Student Councils are an important part of school life and I know Mr Allman, the Headteacher, and the Governors, takes their views very seriously so the most recent Year 7 Council Meeting is bound to have an impact.”