The National Arboretum’s world record attempt to produce a Christmas Card with the most amount of signatures in came to The Friary and hundreds of our students and staff are now on track to be part of a world record.

The card is designed to pay respect to the armed services and, with the current World Record at around 13,000, the Arboretum team are aiming to smash it by going over 20,000.

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We have built up a strong relationship with the National Arboretum and thoroughly appreciate how the spirituality and reflection of their organisation can play an important part in developing our students. This particular project was too good to miss out on as paying our respects to the armed services gives our students an awareness of the wider world and responsibilities, whilst being involved in a successful world record is the chance of a lifetime.” arboretumcard