This week saw our focus in school rest on ‘Positive Behaviour and a string of events were held across the week to celebrate the fantastic behaviour of so many students and to acknowledge role models and exemplary students.

The ‘Snapped Being Smashing’ photographs were published on the corridor TV screens and hundreds of students were held up as outstanding examples of well-behaved role models.

Additionally, students received nominations throughout the week for positive behaviour in and out of lessons and these all went into a prize draw which resulted in the following winners receiving vouchers to reward them for their excellent conduct and approach:

Year 7: Alfie Scott and Luke While

Year 8: Erin Ballinger and Grace Palmer

Year 9: Abbie Elson and Zzane Dune’t

Year 10: Noah Rhodes and Alice Ferriday

Year 11: Toria Barnard and Zak Farmer

Year 12: Beth Summerfield and John Bannister

Year 13: Nina Beddoe and Jen Rose

All students took part in tutor time discussions to reflect on and increase their awareness of what makes excellent behaviour in every setting. In fact, there are so many students that make us proud for their conduct – they all deserved to be winners !

positive-behaviour-focus-week-2 positive-behaviour-focus-week-1